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Spała – 4 km

Former hunting residence of the Russian tsars, than the residence of the Presidents of the Republic of Poland. During World War II the headquarter of the German command Ober-Ost. After the war it became a holiday resort. Nowadays Presidential Harvest Festival is held annually in Spała.

Tourist attraction in Spała

  • Symbol of Spała –  a cast iron statue of a bison standing in the southern part of the park.
  •  “Rogacz” and “Dzik” – hotels from tsarist times
  • Orangery and couch house buildings, several wooden villas
  • Wooden church built in 1923 and next to it arranged under the open sky a field altar of the Home Army (in the center of Spała)
  • Spała Fair of Antiques and Folk Handicraft
  • The Central Sport Centre and Olympic Preparation Centre
  • Many hotels and restaurants


Inowłódz – 7 km

  • A settlement with a historical Piast pedigree.
  • Romanesque church named for Święty Idzi (St Giles) founded in 1086 by King Władysław Herman
  • Reconstructed castle from the 14th century
  • St. Michael the Archangel Church from the 16th century
  • Synagogue building from the beginning of the 19th century


Jeleń – 10 km

The second long railway shelter in the “Anlage Mitte” complex, 355 meters long, with curved shape (currently desolated).

In Tomaszów Mazowiecki (15 km) worth visiting is:

  • the Tomaszów Mazowiecki Museum,
  • The Open-Air Museum of Pilica river,
  • and the Nagórzyckie Grottoes.

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