The “Bunker in Konewka” tourist route was established in 2005. It is located in a forest, 4 km from Spała, in the former German shelter complex Gefechtsstand “Anlage Mitte’.

Currently available for visitors are:

  • 380 m railway shelter with: military exposition, military vehicles, models of shelter and German military trains, permanent exhibitions related to World War II regarding fortifications, armaments, Ober-Ost command in Spała, resistance activities in the area and temporary exhibitions provided by other museums
  • technical shelters: hydrophore, boiler room and power plant
  • underground 80-meter technical channel between railway shelter and power plant, open only during summer sezon
  • drilled well shelter, water cooler, fuel tank

Kolejka Carska przed schronem kolejowym

Wnętrze schronu kolejowego


  • free car parking (bus parking outside, in front of the gate)
  • covered tables with benches
  • covered place for bonfire
  • military motorbike with basket rides and army car rides on Sundays and holidays during summer sezon
  • stand with publications and souvenirs

Additional information

  • The light is inside the shelter and technical channels
  • Dogs are allowed (only on a leash)
  • A warm coat is recommended – the temperature in the shelter is from 4ºC in winter to 16ºC in summer